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2018-12-18: Winter is here, and the days are growing darker and colder. Candles are a cosy way to lighten the gloom but make sure never to leave an open flame unattended. Always extinguish candles before leaving the room. Also make sure your smoke detector is working, just in case an incident should occur. Read more about smoke detector in your apartment under the ”Good to know” section.

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040-685 43 50
040-685 43 50

(for urgent matters, call 010-470 50 43)

RF 💜 Yalla Trappan

From 25 February, the Yalla Trappan women’s cooperative will take over cleaning services in 11 of our stairwells.

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Basketball in Rosengård

From 2019, Rosengård Fastigheter is partnering with Malbas to enable boys and girls to play basketball in Rosengård. We want to help more children and youngsters to be active in their free time and to widen their social networks.

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Homework Club

Starting in September, Rosengård Fastigheter is partnering with homework support organisation Stiftelsen Läxhjälpen to offer free homework assistance to students from Värner Rydén school in Malmö. The students will receive six hours of help per week to help them improve their grades before applying to high school.

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On your bike!

For three weeks in August and September we hosted a cycling course at Rosengård in collaboration with Swedish cycling organisation Cykelfrämjandet. The course was free to all Rosengård Fastigheter tenants. Participants practised their cycling skills and learned rules of the road for cyclists.
If you would also learn to ride a bicycle, send an email with the subject "Alla kan cykla!" to info@rosengardfastighet.se and we will contact you when it's time for the next course.

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Cool cotton

Do you like our cotton carrier bag? Email us with your name, address and ”Yes please” at info@rosengardfastighet.se and we'll come round and give you a free bag. The offer applies while supplies last. If you're not at home we'll leave it in your mailbox.

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June 28, 2018

Residents’ meetings

Did you attend the laundry room meeting?

To find out more about our tenants and hear their views about renting from us, we organised indoor laundry room meetings as well as pop-up gatherings in several courtyards.

What did we talk about?

Topics included our house rules and what we can do to make the neighbourhood safer. We received lots of great feedback that we will respond to during the autumn.

What’s happening now?

During the summer we will continue improving the outdoor environment. We have cut back overgrown bushes and sown seed to create grassy areas. Our summer staff are currently repairing and painting tables and benches so you can sit outside and enjoy the warm weather.