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Our office is closed to visitors
Due to the current outbreak of coronavirus, our office is closed to visitors.
Customer service is open as usual on 040-685 43 50 from 09:00 to 15:00. You can always reach us by email at info@rosengardfastighet.se
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040-685 43 50

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Keeping Rosengård tidy

Our communal cleaning day on 11 October brought together Keep Sweden Tidy (Städa Sverige), residents and young people from the Malbas basketball club. It was also the launch for our Keep Rosengård (Ett rent Rosengård) campaign. The aim is to keep Rosengård free from litter and waste so residents and visitors can enjoy our neighbourhood to the maximum.

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New social space now open

Working with the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket), we have opened a new social zone for adults and children in the heart of Rosengård. The space unites Örtagården’s green areas and makes an attractive entry point to Rosengård for residents and visitors alike.

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On your bike!

During this summer we hosted a cycling course at Rosengård in collaboration with Swedish cycling organisation Cykelfrämjandet. The course was free to all Rosengård Fastigheter tenants. Participants practised their cycling skills and learned rules of the road for cyclists.
If you would also learn to ride a bicycle, send an email with the subject "Alla kan cykla!" to info@rosengardfastighet.se and we will contact you when it's time for the next course.

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Basketball in Rosengård

From 2019, Rosengård Fastigheter is partnering with Malbas to enable boys and girls to play basketball in Rosengård. We want to help more children and youngsters to be active in their free time and to widen their social networks.

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Two districts, one sport.

Children in Västra Hamnen and Rosengård enjoyed a unique opportunity to train together in ultimate frisbee thanks to a partnership between Rosengård Fastigheter, Skånetrafiken, Kockums Ultimate and Somaliska Freds. A group of 20 children took the MalmöExpressen bus to attend alternate training sessions in Västra Hamnen and Rosengård during the spring and summer. The project enabled the youngsters to make new friends and to discover new parts of Malmö. On a highly positive note, many of the Rosengård contingent remain actively involved in ultimate frisbee even though the project season has now ended. Malmö at its very best!

Cool cotton

Do you like our cotton carrier bag? Email us with your name, address and ”Yes please” at info@rosengardfastighet.se and we'll come round and give you a free bag. The offer applies while supplies last. If you're not at home we'll leave it in your mailbox.

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Discover with Boguiden!

Hej! Hello! !مرحبا Want to know how to test your smoke detector? Interested in finding out more about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant? No matter if you’re new to Sweden, have just moved into your first apartment or are a long-term tenant, it makes good sense to know the rules.

Boguiden is a resource with all the information you need about your home and is available in three language versions – Swedish, English and Arabic. Pay us a visit today! 

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RF 💜 Yalla Trappan

From 25 February 2019, the Yalla Trappan women’s cooperative will take over cleaning services in 11 of our stairwells.

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